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Here at informatie zoeker you will find more information about anonymous like how things started, music, art, new ideas basically all kind of things around anonymous.  I am the one that created the original anonymous script and going to try to explain how i build the story.  I worked study  like 10 - 15 years for i created the 101 little story`s to tell the truth and well most people say i am paranormal and highly intelligent this means that the science behind the hole thing is very difficult and there is very high change that you not going to understand it all.  Also i put almost all the knowledge in the universe in to the story this means that i could write my hole to try to explain things in words but there are not enough words in the world to tell the hole truth. I can only tell what i know so this is not the hole truth of anonymous there a lot more people and groups that did do there own things.  I am Dutch and not the best writer in the world i mean i intelligent but i am also a human and i have many problems with languages the say i have a form of dyslexia also a lot of other things.  Now we have spelling controls options so i hope that you all can understand the things i write. Many people think that i am the best computer hacker in the world but well i never really hack a computer i am a programmer ( machines and computers) and a nerd i know a lot about a lot of things. I study the mind, brain, body connection emotion (chi) that spark in people there brains. I know a lot about that but i am also a genius in physics and math and well this hole thing has also a lot the do with plasma the 4 state of matter.  Mind before matter so lets say human soul science, art, human rights. Secrets power to people, religions, mystics i don`t think everyone going to like what i say. Nobody like the truth the matrix is what it is and nobody can change that but people can change and hey change when there vision changed. The hackers helped to spread the story`s the massage i mean they made my work famous and well that helped a lot because well the story was a kind of a virus for people there brains and that only works when people read the story`s hear the fragments pieces. I have designed the hole thing to save life`s / humankind not to destroy it. I did not wanted to do this but i am very intelligent i want to stay alive have clean water, food, air you know the basic things to stay alive and not get sick. I am already sick, i have enough pain to say i am already in hell do you want to join me or do you want to save yourself and stay in paradise? Anonymous Twitter Anonymous 0=0=0
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